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If you’re in business you have your own business to run. You don’t want to be in the business of having to clean your office too. And if you hire someone to do it for you, you don’t want to constantly have to worry about the job getting done.

At Clearwater Cleaning Services we understand what a busy business owner is looking for in a cleaning service.

Someone you can trust to get the job done reliably and on time, every time

You don’t want to have to worry about whether your business is getting cleaned correctly. And you definitely don’t want to have to check up to see if the work actually got done. That’s why we have supervisors that follow-up on your cleaning schedule themselves, just as you would… if you had time. This gives you total peace of mind that the job is getting done right.

Someone who has employees who can be trusted in your place of business perhaps when you are not there

The biggest fear that most business owners have about their cleaning company is… are their employees trustworthy? That’s why every employee of Clearwater Cleaning Service goes through a thorough police background check, drug screening, and ongoing character analysis. This is not only good for you, but it’s good for us. It helps us know we have good personnel that we can trust. As a result we have employees that have been with us for years. Plus… that keeps our costs lower so we can pass it along to you.

You want someone who is bonded, insured and licensed

Naturally we are bonded and insured and hold a current license to provide cleaning services in the state of Florida. If you’re current cleaning service isn’t… well please be careful.

Does the company have a quality control system to make sure the cleaning gets done correctly?

We have designated cleaning inspectors that isn’t part of the actual cleaning crew. They inspect and checkup on the cleaning crew, often unannounced, to make sure they are doing a good job and following good cleaning procedures that are up to our high standards.

You want cleaning services that are priced reasonably

We are not the cheapest cleaning service around. To be bonded and insured and have the best, most reliable employees, it naturally costs us more. But we think you’ll be able to tell the difference in our work.

You want a company that can handle special cleaning issues

Sometimes you are in a business that requires special types of cleaning. Restaurants, auto repair, doctor’s offices, have different cleaning requirements than a financial services company. Our employees are trained to understand your needs and use the correct cleaning processes for your particular cleaning environment.

If you are ready to learn more, or would like a quote on cleaning services, please visit our contact page here.

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